HÖRAUF wins Innovation Award for 2019

This is the thirteenth year that the Organization for the Promotion of Business and Innovation (WIF) and the Regional Savings Bank of Göppingen have awarded this prize. HÖRAUF is proud to be recognized for its outstanding innovations, in particular our CartoCan® packaging system.

The award panelists were convinced by the wide range of possible applications and the sustainability of CartoCan. The consumer is not alone in benefitting from the long shelf life and solid structure of the container. In addition to the fact that CartoCan preserves aroma and freshness, it is highly environmentally friendly. CartoCan is mainly comprised of renewable raw material, in the form of paper.  The wood required for this is cultivated in a resource-friendly and sustainable way and bears the FSC logo. In addition, the packaging is produced directly by the user. With other products, empty containers are palletized and driven to customer sites where they are stored until the time comes to fill them. This wastes space and funds, not to mention adding to harmful emissions and traffic congestion, as trucks filled with empty cans fill our roads and highways. With CartoCan, thousands of cans are stored on a single roll of material, and what would have been a warehouse full of empty cans can be fit onto a few small pallets.

Horauf has developed this technically sophisticated and complex system with the user in mind, making it easy for our customers to master. Since its introduction into the market, partners from all over the world have made the investment in CartoCan, and now successfully produce their products on our machines.

This is true innovation, and we are proud of it. Creating the CartoCan system is a joint achievement that was only possible through the commitment of all our employees across every division. Thank you very much!

Impressions from the Innovation Award Ceremony

Imagevideo HÖRAUF