HÖRAUF solutions for individual paper containers

The HÖRAUF technology for the production of packaging containers (cylindrical)

HÖRAUF offers a wide range of possibilities in the field of container production (straight-walled, non-conical containers) with paper-based materials. Not only round shapes can be realized in a wide range of sizes, but also a variety of non-round shapes. If desired with matching paper lid.

Round and non-round

HÖRAUF machines can produce both round and non-round containers. Individualize your product – with your shape!

The upper edge

Depending on the requirements, the edge of the container can be rolled up or left as it is in order to insert a plastic part (e.g. a dosing unit or a lid).

Insertion of a ring

It is also possible to insert and seal a plastic ring to provide additional stability to the packaging.

Plastic dispensing solutions

…or a wide variety of dispenser variants and all types of closures can be applied.

The paper lid

In addition to the container, we offer the appropriate technology for the rational production of paper lids.

Design and realize with us…

Product design by HÖRAUF

We also offer you the possibility to develop a new product together with us, from brainstorming to drawings and sample creation to realization. Please contact us.

Benefit from the flexibility of our solutions and go new ways. The joy of innovation is our strength.