The HÖRAUF technology for innovative folder/binder production

All successful lever arch file and folder manufacturers rely on the HÖRAUF concept.

Combination of opposites: Speed and quality, has not only succeeded here, but has become a hallmark.

Take a closer look at the most modern production line for binders. It’s worth it!

PZA Sheeter

The PZA Sheeter is used for processing the cover material from the roll. Up to three roll webs can be glued by means of a thin hotmelt layer, die-cut and cut.The finished covers  are then fed inline to the BDM Series.

The finished cover. Completely from the roll.

HÖRAUF technology – competence in all aspects of folder production


Number of cycles: 60 covers/min.


The BDM Liner is used to glue the inside liner onto the previously laminated book – or lever arch file case. All common cover materials can be processed.


  • Format range: Min. 105 x 170 mm, Max. 410 x 720 mm
  • Number of cycles: 60 covers/min.


  • Format range: Min. 130 x 190 mm, Max. 380 x 680 mm
  • Number of cycles: 85 covers/min.

Versatile possibilities – The folder machines from HÖRAUF


Number of cycles: Up to 65 folder cases/min.


With the 150, pre-printed labels are affixed to the folder spine.

  • Number of cycles: 65 folder cases/min.


The 150T welds clear windows on file and ring binder spines with plastic cover, at the same time a pre-printed paper label is inserted.

  • Number of cycles: 60 folder cases/min.

The complete folder line from a single source


Number of cycles: 60 folder cases/min.

AP 2 edge protector

The AP2 edge protection machine provides folders with edge rails to keep them in good shape for a long time. The AP2 cuts strip steel from the roll and presses it securely around the edge of the folder.

  • Format range: Min. 200 x 460 mm, Max. 360 x 675 mm
  • Number of cycles: 60 cases/min.
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