1883 – 1968

The founder of the company Michael Hörauf

Michael Hörauf was born in Ingolstadt on July 31, 1883. He completed his education in Augsburg and at the Technical University in Munich. Later, he was employed as a design engineer at the BOSCH company and at the MASCHINENFABRIK ESSLINGEN. Other stations in his professional career included the companies AEG and BMW.

In 1938, he founded the company MICHAEL HÖRAUF and began manufacturing special machines. In 1966 Michael Hörauf sold his machine factories to the “Süssen Group”.

1943 – 1960

Innovative solutions for renowned customers

In the early years of HÖRAUF, machines were manufactured for the production of cigarette and matchboxes made of cardboard and paper, as well as systems and individual machines for the production of various types of boxes. In the 1950s, HÖRAUF received an order from BEIERSDORF to develop a machine for the packaging of their world-famous blue Nivea cream can.

From 1956 on, the planning and development of production lines and single machines for the production of file folders began. Until today HÖRAUF manufactures production lines for file covers. Today, all well-known file manufacturers produce on lines from HÖRAUF. One example is the LEITZ company, whose name is associated with this product like no other.

1960 – 1970

The first paper cup machine

Starting in 1962, the first paper cup machines were developed at HÖRAUF on the initiative of Michael Hörauf.

Initially, it was an automatic machine for the production of pointed cups. After that, machines for the production of round, square and rectangular cups were developed and built. At that time, this was a new market segment for HÖRAUF, which today is more up-to-date than ever.

1960 – 1970

Model Regina

One of the first paper cup machines “Model Regina” was already able to produce up to 85 cups per minute. The Regina was supplied in two models. Type IV for cold beverage cups, vending machine cups and packaging cups and Type V for hot beverage cups with handle.

At that time and as today, a paper cup for any purpose can be produced on a HÖRAUF machine: Hot drinks, cold drinks, packaging cups for ice cream, yogurt, margarine, honey and much more.

In the mid-60s, margarine in cups was particularly widespread. This trend was triggered by the UNILEVER company, to which HÖRAUF supplied a large number of machines.

1970 – 1980

Paper cup machines FBM 10 and BMP 13

In the 80s, in addition to a folding cup machine FBM 10, the BMP 13 was developed. The BMP 13 was the first machine that could form cylindrical cans from cardboard. Used for packaging liquid and solid food products.

BDM Casemakers

Since HÖRAUF was known as a specialist for letter file case machines, it was not a far step to produce a book case machine. Two types were produced in the 80’s: The BDM 10 (still the fastest book case machine with 120 cycles/min) and the BDM 20 the forerunner of the BDM Universal, which is still produced today.

1980 – 1990

BMP 300 in the spotlight

In 1986, HÖRAUF was once again in the spotlight at a trade show. The BMP 300 was presented. With an incredible 300 cups per minute, it was the fastest paper cup machine in the world. A high-end machine developed for the Japanese market.

Administration building in Donzdorf

In 1987, the company moved into its new administration building in Donzdorf. The company HÖRAUF had already moved the production step by step into the already existing halls from Boll to Donzdorf.

1990 – 2000

BMP 200

The BMP 200 is one of HÖRAUF´s best-selling machines. It is still in the program today and is used internationally by customers. It is particularly characterized by its flexibility. With this machine, it is possible to produce cups for hot and cold drinks, as well as round and non-round shaped packaging cups.

CartoCan® – The paper can. A success story

For the first time, HÖRAUF offers a complete line for the production and filling of beverages under aseptic conditions  with its CartoCan® system. Today, this environmentally friendly system is state-of-the-art.

2000 – 2013

Innovation made by HÖRAUF

Insulate with air. The air-insulating double-wall cup from HÖRAUF is used in nearly all fast food restaurants. The principle is simple but ingenious. A so-called outer sleeve is slid onto a single-wall paper cup. This creates a parallel air gap between the two cups, which has an insulating effect. The coffee stays hot and hands are perfectly protected.

2013 – 2022

Technology and Systems

Today, HÖRAUF is a powerful and innovative company – a leader in the development and construction of specialized machines for paper packaging, system solutions for brand owners, and machines for book and folder case production.

We are proud that the products manufactured on our machines are in use everywhere and meet the highest standards of quality and innovation. Renowned brands around the world rely on HÖRAUF technology.