Book case solutions

Book case solutions from HÖRAUF

We offer you a variety of solutions to produce unique things in the field of book and packaging cases

In times of saturated markets, it is more important than ever to differentiate oneself in order to generate success. Individual solutions are in demand – the special is expected. In the competition for customers, uniqueness is a guarantee for their interest. HÖRAUF offers you uniqueness.

We offer you a wide variety of possibilities and solutions to produce unique products in the field of book and packaging covers. Products that stand out from the standard in quality, materiality and format. Open up new markets with HÖRAUF. Thanks to a wide range of options and accessories, you are not only optimally equipped to react to trends precisely and promptly, but you also have the opportunity to open up new fields of business. For example, in the field of game board or packaging blanket production.

The classic book case

From 1 to 5 parts and if necessary even more.
No problem for our BDM`s.

Asymmetrical book cases

For calendars and many other applications.

The book cases with “round” corners

ideal for notebooks, calendars and
creative children’s books.

From super small to XXL

From very small blankets, to very large book covers.
Everything is feasible.

Padded book cases

For high quality books and albums.

Game plans in all variations

Also for the production of game boards
book cover machines from Hörauf are ideally suited.

Difficult cover fabrics

such as leather or similar can be processed in impressive quality.


with a few additional parts, you can easily create a slipcase or a high-quality folder from a book cover.

Product design by HÖRAUF

We also offer you the possibility to develop a new product together with us, from brainstorming, drawings and sample creation to realization. Please contact us.

Benefit from the flexibility of our solutions and go new ways. The joy of innovation is our strength.

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