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HÖRAUF – This is who we are, this is what we stand for

Located in southern Germany, we work with highly qualified employees to realize machines, material and equipment for the production of modern paper-based packaging. Flexible, economical and sustainable solutions for packaging manufacturers and brand-owners.

The fact that we understand the subject of paper processing from the ground up is also reflected in our second business area, the machines for the production of book and folder cases. We offer comprehensive solutions – machine, material and service – tailored to your requirements.

HÖRAUF – Experience in mechanical engineering

We have been building specialized machines for paper processing since 1938. We are aware that efficiency, reliability and accuracy are key factors for our customers. We build our machines with passion. The most important components are mechanically driven. This guarantees a long service life, as well as exceptional robustness and quality of our equipment.

HÖRAUF – Innovation

We see ourselves as a partner and innovator. Together with you, our customers, we implement new ideas. We are the partner for your paper-based packaging – from the idea, through design to production.

HÖRAUF Service

HÖRAUF has a worldwide sales and service network. We offer an online helpdesk – with trained technicians to provide rapid assistance – as well as training and service agreements to build their company’s expertise and ensure smooth and efficient production. Our technicians are available worldwide to provide rapid on-site problem resolution when needed.

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Our worldwide network

In order to be able to support our customers optimally and locally with advice and service, we offer a worldwide network of service and sales through our partners. Thus, our customers have their contact person on site.