CapSure® – The environmentally friendly lid

CapSure® – The environmentally friendly recloseable lid made of paper! 

The CapSure® for drinking cups

Der Deckel aus Papier von HÖRAUF!

The CapSure® has a circumferential groove which holds the lid securely around the so called mouthrim of the cup and seals it tightly. A raised top edge is used to retain residual liquid, which can easily flow back. A vent hole ensures a constant inflow.

With the use of CapSure®, a mono-material solution for cups and recloseable lid is possible!

The CapSure® for packaging cups

The CapSure® for packaging cups is the ideal complement for the cup for ice cream & co. It can be optimally refined and enhances the packaging. In addition to the top, the rim of the lid is also available for the print design. This opens up new and interesting design possibilities and thus offers the opportunity to stand out from the competition.

But it is not just the good printability that is a given; a wide variety of shapes can also be realized to match the shape of the basic cup.

The CapSure® is produced on our  CLM 300

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CapSure® – the innovative recloseable lid solution

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