CapSure® - The environmentally friendly solution made from paper!

The CapSure® for drinking cups

The lid made from paper by HÖRAUF!

The CapSure® has a groove with which the lid fits securely around the mouth roll of the cup and seals it tightly. A raised edge serves to retain residual liquid, which can easily flow back through an embossing. A venting hole ensures a constant flow.

With the use of CapSure®, a monomaterial solution for cups and reclosure is possible!


The CapSure®  for packagings cups

The CapSure® for packaging cups is the ideal complement to the paper-based cups for ice cream and other food packages. It can be optimally refined and enhances the packaging significantly. The lid skirt can take indexed printing. This opens up new and interesting design possibilities and offers the opportunity to stand out from the competition.

In addition to the advantages listed above and the excellent printability of the lid, other shapes can be formed, fitting a variety of unique packages.


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