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Die BDM Digital Evolution

With the BDM Digital Evolution, a machine is now available with which the user can meet today's and tomorrow's requirements for flexibility and efficiency. This bookcase machine covers the whole range. Whether photo book or hardcover production from edition 1, the BDM Digital Evolution combines proven technology with state-of-the-art digital functions.

The core of the innovation in the BDM Digital Evolution is the circular shear with integrated side trimming of the cardboard. This opens up decisive advantages for the user.

Only one cardboard format left!

With the new circular shears, the most varied book cover formats can be produced with the same book cover height. The user saves storage and handling of a large number of cardboard formats. The BDM Digital Evolution is able to adapt to a new format during production. The circular knives precisely cut the spine of the book as well as the side parts out of the basic cardboard without running. In addition to the hard border, a flexible border can also be used - whether the book spine is round or straight, the user has the necessary flexibility required for on-demand production.

Digital Workflow

Integrated barcode scanners enable a high degree of automation. The book cover machine recognizes which reference has which format and automatically adjusts to it. After completion of the job, the successful production is confirmed. This allows the machine to be optimally integrated into the digital workflow of a bookline and product tracking is always guaranteed.

The BDM Digital Evolution is the optimal machine for modern book cover production. Whether it is hardcover book production from edition 1 or photo production, the BDM Digital Evolution offers the complete range.

BDM Digital Evolution machine profile:

- Integrated side trimming of the cardboard (only one cardboard format necessary)

- Automatic format changeover

- Integration into the digital workflow

- Gentle, precise production of the book cover with a wide variety of cover materials

- Easy to use and tried and tested over many years

- Versatilely expandable

- Reliable and efficient

- Lowest scrap rate

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