HÖRAUF – insulating cups

Insulate with air.

The most effective way to keep drinks tempered. The double-walled insulated cups of HÖRAUF make ideal use of this principle. The insulated cup consists of an inner cup and outer shell. In between is only air.  

Very good insulation – high quality appearance – perfectly printable


Insulate with structure.

This cup is made of an inner cup and a textured outer sleeve made of corrugated board or embossed segments. You can, for example, emboss the logo of your customer.

Good insulation – perfectly printable – various embossing structures possible (for example “Logo”).


Insulate with higher paper gram weight

In this version the higher paper gram weight serves for insulation. Thus, the cup stack height decreases, yet the good insulation feature remains.

Good insulation – perfectly printable – low stacking height



Foamed insulation cup

This kind of cup can also be produced on a HÖRAUF BMP machine. The particular material applied has a special foam coating to guarantee excellent insulation and printability. The foaming is done in a subsequent process by means of a heat tunnel.

Good insulation – pleasant haptic – perfectly printable


The classic cup

The economic way for small and medium cup sizes. The cup protects the consumer, with very little use of materials. With our high-speed handle applicator, this option can also be retrofitted later.

Ideal for Espresso – easy to print – low stacking height


EPS cup labeling

Cups of other materials can also be processed on HÖRAUF equipment. For example, a thin paper label can be applied to an EPS-cup in order to realize a wide variety of prints.

Good insulation – very good printing features



Solutions for hot and cold…

The CALYX - an outstanding insulation cup for hot and cold drinks

The design of the CALYX system is characterized by specific features that no other double-wall cups have. In addition to the perfect de-stacking feature, the CALYX also requires significantly less paper than comparable insulated cups. Naturally, this has a significant effect on the cost of production. HÖRAUF offers the complete equipment for the production of CALYX cup.

Advantages of the CALYX system:

  • perfect de-stacking
  • considerably less material consumption
  • perfect insulation

Product design of HÖRAUF

We also offer you the possibility to work together with us on the development of new products; from brainstorming to drawings and from sample production through to realization. Contact us!

Benefit from the flexibility of our solutions and go new ways. Our strength lies in the joy of innovation.

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