InlineCan - the new packaging concept

InlineCan - the new packaging concept, which offers you entirely new opportunities. Produce your paperboard packaging in-house.

You can produce straight-walled paperboard cans in-house instead of using pre-fabricated packages, which are costly to transport and to store. With this system, you produce your packages straight from the reel, which offers you advantages in terms of: Environment, differentiation, product flexibility and costs!

Shape your brand:

  • It is easy to produce cans in different shapes: round, oval, rectangular and many more.
  • Differentiate yourself with your shaped paperboard can at the point of sale.
  • By changing the tooling you can produce different shapes using the same equipment. If you change only the height of the can, only a partial adjustment of the tool-set is required.

Environmental benefits:

  • Less CO2 – reducing the transportation automatically reduces your CO2 output.
  • Less warehouse space.

Your advantages if you produce in-house and in-line:

  • The warehouse space you needed to store 1,000 pre-fabricated cans before is now available for two reels of paperboard which is sufficient for as many as 30,000 cans.
  • No handling of pallets with pre-fabricated packages and risk of damage losses.
  • No depalletising of pre-fabricated cans.
  • A versatile selection of high-barrier paperboards are available, that have the required properties and run perfectly on the HÖRAUF equipment.
  • Many different sealing and lidding solutions are possible: e.g. a thin peel-off film can be applied directly on the top of the package. This is a very cost-efficient way to close your can. It is also possible to use other sealing mechanisms, e.g. a plastic or an aluminium ring.