CartoCan® – The system, components and features


CartoCan® is a fully integrated packaging system consiisting out of a paperboard can forming machine, an aspetic filling and closing machine and the corresponding specialized material.

CartoCan® package components

  • Can body with standard or metallized print
  • Edge protection strip for hermetic body seal
  • Top with special designed drinking hole
  • Pull tab for convenient opening
  • Bottom


  • Long standing proven technology with highest aseptic
    packaging standards
  • High and low acid beverages
  • Outout: max. 10.000 cans/ hour

CartoCan® forming machine

The CartoCan® forming machine is built on long-term knowledge in design and manufacturing to ensure utmost precision and performance when forming and sealing all packaging components together:

  • Semi-automatic splicing stations
  • Robust mechanical drives
  • Height flexibility by exchange of tool sets
  • Production of complete can in one operation

CartoCan® aseptic filling and closing machine

The CartoCan® aseptic filling and closing machine meets highest aseptic packaging standards:

  • Pull tab application before the aseptic filling and closing machine
  • Ambient shelf life up to 12 months
  • Sterilization of CartoCan and pull tab by H2O2
  • Nitrogen flush reducing O2 content in the can to a minimum
  • Pull tab closing and sealing station
  • Automatic CIP & SIP process



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