HÖRAUF - Singularity through variety

Singularity… In times of saturated markets it is more important than ever to differentiate to generate success. Individual solutions are demanded – the extraordinary is expected. In the contest for the customer, singularity will insure his interest. HÖRAUF offers the unique.

We offer a broad variety of possibilities and solutions to make unique products in the field of book and packaging cases. Products which differentiate us from the others in quality, material and format. Entering new markets with HÖRAUF. Through a variety of options and accessories, you are not only optimally primed to react precisely and in time on trends. Moreover you have the possibility to enter new areas of business opportunities. For example in the field of game board or packaging case production.

The classic cases

From one to five-piece cases… and even more if required.

Asymmetrical cases

For calendars and various other applications.

The case with “round” corners

Ideal for pocketbooks, calendars and creative
children’s books.

The case with a window

An innovation of HÖRAUF – Ideally suitable for
photo books and albums.

From very small to XXL

From very small cases up to extra-large formats.
Almost everything is possible!

Padded cases

For high-quality books and albums.

Difficult cover material

…such as leather or similar material is processed in brilliant quality.


Adding value to standard cases - with a small amount of additional parts, a case can easily be processed further to a slipcase or a high-quality folder.  

Game boards in all varieties

Hörauf case makers are also most suitable for the production of game boards.

The “case” as calendar

...or desk standee. Hörauf grants you many options.

          Book Case Technology