BMI / BIW Serie       The technology for individual insulated cup manufacturing.

The HÖRAUF BMI outer sleeve machine for production of double-wall drinking and packaging cups with superior insulation properties.


BMI 100 / 100 Super

For production of the classical insulated cup.

The BMI Serie produces an outer shell, and in the next step the prefabricated inner cup is inserted. Both elements are bonded by means of hot-melt respectively cold glue (with noodle cups).

The BMI 100 Super can produce large format insulated cups, for example instant noodle soup cups and similar applications.


For production of an outer
shell with texture.

The BIW Serie wraps a segment around a prefabricated inner cup (BMP series). This technique is especially suitable for insulated cups with an embossed outer shell.


BMI 300

The BMI 300 – ideal for coffee cups

The fast BMI 300. In connection with a BMP machine, the BMI 300 produces air-insulated double-wall coffee cups, for example the “CALYX” cup. Also with large formats at high output.

Discover the many possibilities of HÖRAUF’s insulated cup technology.