BDM Digital


Our BDM Digital photo book machine. Changeover in seconds, versatile and easy to integrate into your workflow.

With the BDM Digital we are proud to present a book cover machine which is designed for photo book production and which contains all our experience in flexible manufacturing of covers.

The requirements of the end customer are high and in times of Web 2.0, it is the most important thing to deliver the best quality at an affordable price. If there ist any flaw in the customer´s book, a dissatisfied customer nowadays quickly turns into a disgruntled opinion maker on the net.

The BDM Digital was developed in cooperation with several pilot customers and extensively tested. It is characterized by the following key specifications:

  • Extremely short changeover to respond flexibly to a wide variety of formats.
  • A high production (up to 60 book covers / min) with gentle processing and very good quality.
  • Easy integration into existing workflows.
  • Variety of options for expanding your product range, using e.g.  book cover with "rounded" corners or integrated view windows and much more…

Your advantages:

  • Book covers in premium quality
  • High output : As a result short delivery times and low unit costs
  • Variety for your customers through great productible product range
  • Simple usability of the machine
  • High efficiency
  • Expandable and updateable

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