150 / 150T


Use the 150 to glue pre-printed labels onto the back of files by means of dispersion adhesive. Capacity: 60 files/minute

The 150 T welds transparent label holders onto the back of plastic coated files and/or ring binders. At the same time, a pre-printed paper label is inserted. Capacity: 60 files/minute

Show them who’s best. With labeling machines from HÖRAUF.   









The die cut unit for the production of one and/or more piece outer covers.


For the flawless application of inside lining material on books or letter arch files.

The high-performance labeling machine for letter arch files and ring binders. 150T for perfect labeling of plastic cover material.

The edge protection guarantee for your letter arch files. The AP2 attaches edge protection elements to the letter arch files.