The HÖRAUF Lever Arch File Line

The HÖRAUF-Lever Arch File Line

All prosperous file and ring binder manufactures rely upon the HÖRAUF concept.

Joining of opposites: Speed and Quality. Combining the two was not only successful, it has become a distinctive feature.

Take a closer look at the state-of-the-art production line for letter files. It´s worth it.

1. PZA Sheeter


2. BDM Serie


4. 150 / 150 T


5. AP2

The die cutter roll for manufacturing of single and multi-piece outer covers.




For application of the cover on the prepared board.


The high speed labeling machine for letter files and ring binders.


150T - Perfect labeling for plastic covers.


Protection for your letter files. The AP2 attaches edge protection elements to the letter file case.

3. BDM Liner

For the perfect application of inside lining on the book or letter file.